Product Care

In order to keep your brand new leather case in excellent condition, you have to follow some guidelines, as with all leather goods:

Never use chemical products to clean your leather goods. If you wish to clean your leather goods you can use a damp cloth onto each spot you wish to clean.

You should avoid excess contact with cosmetics, perfumes, lotions and with other stuff that can transfer their colour onto your leather items. Avoid leaving your leather products under direct sunlight and in excessive heat such as on a car's dashboard or near a heater.

Keep it away from moisture and wet conditions and from sharp objects. You should also avoid placing any leather items onto rough surfaces.

Your leather goods are handmade with passion and love using traditional techniques. We carefully choose only the best hides and we subject them to high quality controls. Based on the nature of the leather, it is bound to develop patina overtime. Do not neglect to proper look after your leather goods.

If you have any specific concerns regarding the product care of your Personalized iPhone Leather Cases, feel free to contact us.

How to clean and protect your John Bacchiavini Leather iPhone case