Trust the Magic of New Beginnings

by John Bacchiavini on June 24, 2019
Trust the Magic of New Beginnings
Welcome to John Bacchiavini. In a world where the freedom to express yourself and being different have a major role.
We have years of experience in traditional leathercrafting and a true passion for the luxury bespoke leather accessories. These two areas combined together produced a pop fashion brand which focuses in personalized handcrafted leather products; a way to express your own character.
We take great care in using only premium raw materials from the best leather tanneries worldwide. We combine traditional leathercraft techniques with modern methods in a way where our designers and experts leathercraft artisans work together to create leather accessories which exemplify the essence of luxury.
We offer a great variety in personalizing options. You can choose from thousands combinations of colours, fonts, sizes and designs in order for your accessories to fully resemble your own character. This procedure makes each one of our accessories absolutely unique, like you are!
Make it your own with the John Bacchiavini.
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